AirStash M03 for IoT

AirStash IoT modules are designed to integrate into your products. They run apps to provide local intelligence and provide secure wireless communications to local networks and the internet. This means they can be used as either the core brains of your product, as a peripheral to your product focusing on communications, or both.

Your Product Configurations

The AirStash IoT modules are embedded computers that run independently of any cloud. Similar to smartphones without a display, they run your apps on a powerful operating system to execute complex algorithms. They contain all the memory required for persistent storage when the power is off and system run-time execution. They also contain a rich variety of both digital and analog interfaces to connect to sensors, relays, motors, and most any other hardware. Finally, they contain both wireless and wired communications technologies to connect to the world.

The AirStash IoT modules are designed to run in a variety of modes: When designing-in the AirStash modules, there are a variety of modes that can be utilized:

  1. Function independently of any network or cloud,
  2. peer-to-peer: create its own local area network to connect to smartphones, tablets, and computers without a router,
  3. connect to a router to communicate to smartphones, tablets, and computers,
  4. connect to the internet by connecting to a router's local area network, and
  5. connect to a mesh network (roadmap feature).

It is also possible for the AirStash IoT module to function as an intelligent communications gateway by connecting to a router while simultaneously creating its own local area network. If other wireless radios are needed besides WiFi, it is straight forward to add them: BLE, Zigbee, or a longer range LoRa, SigFox, or LTE radio.

On the protocol side, HTTP, TCP/IP, TLS, mDNS, NTP, and many additional protocols are integrated into the AirStash OS. New protocols can be created in the app, making the AirStash IoT module future-proof. Cloud and product "connector libraries" are available to easily communicate with various ecosystems. This makes it simple to connect to proprietary ecosystems like Apple HomeKit, Google Weave, or Amazon Alexa/AWS and directly to products like LiFX smartbulbs, Philips Hue control, etc. And we provide source code for many of these so you have a starting point to connect to your own cloud–you get complete flexibility. If you want to connect to a newly announced cloud or product you can push an encrypted app update to the AirStash IoT module any time, making your product future-proof.

Zoom Out

The AirStash IoT modules are designed to run the same app binary code. This means you can easily migrate to future AirStash IoT modules with complete code portability.

AirStash M03S for Wireless Storage

The AirStash M03S module is a special configuration of the AirStash M03 module that is specifically targeted for wireless storage products.