About the iTunes Store and AirStash

Apple's iTunes Store is a great way of finding and buying music, movies, and TV shows. Apple uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) on many kinds of media on the iTunes store to restrict how and where you can play files you buy from the iTunes Store. AirStash works with purchased DRM content from the iTunes Store, but there are some important things you should know.

Because of the way DRM works, you can't share DRM-encoded files with other people, and you might see an error message when you try to stream a DRM-encoded file you've recently purchased. Rental content can't be streamed from the AirStash at all; you will receive an error message if you try to stream a rented movie. This page describes what files can be streamed and how to work around some issues we've seen when streaming DRM-encoded files.

Music (iTunes Plus) and Podcasts

Music in iTunes Plus format and podcasts can be streamed to any iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or any other device that supports HTTP progressive download streaming of AAC audio files. Any music purchased after April 7, 2009 is in iTunes Plus format.

Movies, Music Videos, TV Shows, and Pre-iTunes Plus Music

Video content purchased from the iTunes Store is encoded with DRM which links your iTunes account to the video file. These files can be streamed to an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad from an AirStash, with the following caveats:

  • The account used to purchase the media must match the account linked to the device. To check the account used to purchase a file, right click on the file in iTunes and choose "Get Info".
  • After purchasing a new video from the iTunes Store, you might need to sync your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad before streaming it from your AirStash. This isn't required every time you purchase videos, but it seems to be required once in a while. You do not need to actually copy the video file to your Apple device. Just connecting the device and syncing it with iTunes is enough to allow the new video to stream from your AirStash.

Some music purchased from the iTunes store before April 7, 2009 is also encoded with DRM, and these restrictions also apply to those files.

Media from the iTunes Store that is encoded with DRM can't be streamed to devices not made by Apple, or to Macs or PCs.

Movie Rentals

Rented movies can't be streamed from an AirStash to an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or computer. Apple uses the DRM information in movie rental files to track which device is used to play the file, which prevents these files from streaming from the AirStash.

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